About Me

I guess you are here to know little more about me or you just clicked the wrong post and it brought you here. No matter!

Although I am not good at introducing myself, I will try my best.

Let’s Go!

My name is Amari Byrd and I am the author of the “Kpopien” and currently in Ds106 (Digital Storytelling) at UMW. And if you guys haven’t already noticed from my blog’s name and the huge sign on the front page saying ” Live, Love, Kpop ” then I will tell you… I ABSOLUTELY love KPOP. Kpop is basically Korean music in all types of genre pop, rock, rap , etc. You can found me listening to music on YouTube since that is basically my second home , Reading books ( nerd.. I know ) and playing video games ( shocker! ). I love all type of food and basically will eat anything that is in front of me except chocolate.

One thing that shocks people every time is that I hate Chocolate ever since I was a little kid.  I will not eat it at all!

My favorite color is blue. I love meeting new people and learning all about their life and vice versa.

I hope you guys come to love my blogs and comment freely, I love hearing what people think

Enjoy! and As always “Live, Love , Kpop “