Daily Entry

For this week, I had to watch Vonnegut on the shape of stories and apply one of his methods on one the writing stories in the writing assignment bank. Vonnegut basically explains that stories have shapes which can be drawn. Meaning that a story’s main character has ups and downs that can be graphed to […]

” A haiku about a haiku”

For my third and last assignment for the Writing Week I choose to do ” A Haiku Poem about a Haiku poem”  with a total of three points which satisfies my requirement for 8 stars of writing category assignment bank! ” A Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem” tasks you to write a haiku poem […]

“I’m a Real Boy”

Continuing on to the second assignment for the Writing Week and I have a total of 5 stars out of the required 8 stars of writing category assignment bank. I choose to do the writing assignment called “I’m a real boy”. “I am a real boy” tasked you to write about your life if you […]

“Last Dance”

I decided to pick the assignment “How does a song make you feel?” for the first required writing task. The assignment was to pick a song from either YouTube or soundcloud that elicits emotion and post it on Twitter. So I decided to pick ” Last Dance” by big bang and copied the URL and […]

Weekly Summary # 2

Th second week is almost over which is crazy since it still feels like I was just starting to create my blog and had no clue what to do. Now the second week I have a better understanding on how Digital Storytelling works and I am begging to begin my brand to be “discovered”. The […]


While looking through the required to do for the week,  I came upon the last task which was ” Building Your Participation ” or specifically spending on my blog. I find this interesting that this would be a more advanced form of participation because I never even thought of doing it this way. Responding on […]

Daily Create # 3

Jan 25- Third Daily Create "The One Untamed Rules" – Are you ready to join a world where there are no rules or are there? @ds106dc #tdc1844 pic.twitter.com/w0AyafnfMM — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) January 26, 2017  

Daily Create # 2

Tuesday Jan 24- Second Daily Create One of my top favorite songs "Blackpink Playing with Fire" 🎶 @ds106dc #tdc1843 pic.twitter.com/wcS6i6I0Le — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) January 25, 2017