Daily Creates 24-25

Mar. 29,  Mar. 31   @ds106dc Their Neighbor's TV.. #tdc1907 pic.twitter.com/HfjbpyuuFj — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) March 29, 2017     @ds106dc I turn into a zombie when I am in a need for food.. #tdc1909 pic.twitter.com/neuwC1oHg1 — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) March 31, 2017  

Video Production!

From the two options this week: 10-star worth of video assignments or team up with a group to brainstorm a video that would be produced next week. I decided to choose the video creation so I went to Twitter and ask my radio show group about coming back together in creating a secret agent video. […]

Agent Zero’s Interview

This assignment was fun! It was fun because I could become someone else and not just anybody, this someone was a character I created. This assignment was to pick seven questions from the choose of three YouTube videos and create a mock interview that showcased answers from our characters to the questions. I was glad […]

Spy Kids Video Essay

I never thought that you can make an essay on a film before and after viewing several examples I was proven wrong. I learned how to view a film in a new different light by reading the post titled “How to read a movie post “How to read a movie” and watching YouTube videos by […]

Weekly Summary # 9

The week has finally end and it is time to post the Weekly summary! This week went by slow and was not as hectic as the other week previous. This week we had to tune in to listen to a radio on Monday and Tuesday. This radio shows were unique because the ds106 students created […]

Stepworks Story

I am not going to admit that this assignment was hard because it was. After several tries I decided to give up to the point that even watching an 18-minute video tutorial did not help. However, after a day of thinking about I decided that “Step works” would not make me give up so I […]

Top 3 Highlights

Every week the ds106 community had to do several assignments that would correspond with week whether it be digital, web, writing, etc. These assignments allow people to show their creativity. I love to just scroll through the main ds106 site to see what my fellow classmates submit and it never submits to amaze me. I […]

Radio Show Reflection

Overall, I really enjoyed all the radio shows. I believed that everybody did a great job in creating a radio show. I mean come on these on college who may of not meet each other before coming together to make their very own radio show for the first time. I think that should get a […]

Connective Daily Creates

  http://www.kpopien.org/uncategorized/daily-creates-21-23/   One day, a girl stumbled upon a green frog, she thought it was cool so she took a picture of him. After she took a picture she left to finish off her day. The next day she saw the same frog but this time she ignored him since she did not feel […]

Daily Creates 21-23

Mar. 21 ,  Mar. 22,  Mar. 24 @ds106dc What a coincidence I found a frog in my front yard! #tdc1899 pic.twitter.com/3N4mhbIKCR — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) March 21, 2017               @ds106dc ds106 seems to be in the book " The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" #tdc1900 pic.twitter.com/NF506R32XL — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) […]