Weekly Summary # 12

The week has finally come to an end! Furthermore, this week was all about mashups and remixes.  I commented throughout the week on various post. This week I had to do 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. I always avoided the mashup bank in fear that it would be hard but I was surprised when […]

Daily Create # 29-30

Apr. 11-12   @ds106dc This picture tells what makes a happy place (baking).. #tdc1920 pic.twitter.com/cKg5aJF9cN — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) April 11, 2017     @ds106dc building a 🌈 with popsicles.. #tdc1921 pic.twitter.com/fEo8WcmuyG — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) April 13, 2017    

In Your Favor..

I choose to do this assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/photo-mash/  which was worth 3 ½ stars. This assignment was to take two actors from different movies and mash them together into one photo.  I searched google for a background that would fit my actors and I found a black and white picture of an ominous woods. Now that […]

Weekly Summary # 11

This week was hectic. It seems that every time there is a group project, I have multiple exams that week. Thank goodness that I manage my time wisely so I could study, comment on the ds106 site and meet up with my group to record. We recorded and created the video called “Your Guide to […]

Video Show progress

April 3: On Monday, Katey, Callie and I meet up and filmed most of our video and audio part. We used the media production studio to record ourselves. We thought it would be cool to film ourselves in darker lighting to give the effect of keeping the secret agent’s identity a secret. I never used […]

Mission Ideas

This week, I was supposed to come up with ideas about a mission that involves the whole class. For a more productive mission, I believe the class should split into groups. One idea for a mission would be a guess the killer game. However, relating to the hack, we need to guess the traitor among […]

Daily Creates 26-28

Apr. 5-7 @ds106dc The huntsman spider joins forces with King Kong.. #tdc1914 pic.twitter.com/5DiwjJxw5C — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) April 5, 2017     @ds106dc Fear of failing the exam.Uncertainty that I got the questions right on the exam. Doubt that I got a good grade on the exam #tdc1915 pic.twitter.com/swuB3B1nGd — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) April 7, […]

Weekly Summary #10

This week was all about Video!  I believed this week went by quickly and this week I learned interesting stuff about videos. I scrolled through the ds106 site and commented on my classmates post! I then read the post called “How to read a Movie” and watched several videos by Every Frame a Painting. It […]

Daily Creates 24-25

Mar. 29,  Mar. 31   @ds106dc Their Neighbor's TV.. #tdc1907 pic.twitter.com/HfjbpyuuFj — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) March 29, 2017     @ds106dc I turn into a zombie when I am in a need for food.. #tdc1909 pic.twitter.com/neuwC1oHg1 — Amari Byrd (@A_marillo) March 31, 2017  

Video Production!

From the two options this week: 10-star worth of video assignments or team up with a group to brainstorm a video that would be produced next week. I decided to choose the video creation so I went to Twitter and ask my radio show group about coming back together in creating a secret agent video. […]