102 Dalmatians?

The next assignment I choose to do was the assignment called This doesn’t belong here which was worth 4 stars. This assignment was to mash-up two different iconic movie scenes by adding something like for example a movie prop to another movie scene. I decided use Alice and Wonderland and 101 Dalmatians as my two iconic movie scenes. These movies would be perfect not only because these are one of my favorite movies but also the scenes could be combined. I searched google for a portrait of the 101 Dalmatians which was easy to find. Then I searched the internet for a picture of the Bandersnatch which had spots on its fur that will blind in nicely with the Dalmatians. I usually use paint to edit my photos but this time I wanted to use PIXLR for editing the photos for the first time. At first it was hard to figure out the tools to cut out the Bandersnatch from the background but once I did it was easy to paste on the other picture. However, since the picture had already 101 Dalmatians there was no room to put the Bandersnatch. So, I had to change the size of the picture and put him on the couch to make it seem like he was lounging there. By putting him on the couch, the Bandersnatch does not seem noticeable and makes it look like he was part of the movie. Overall, I am satisfied with the final product and it turned out better than I thought especially using a new site for editing my photos.


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