“The Secret Code”

One of the requirements for this week alongside the 10 star required assignment was to pick another design assignment out of three. Since I already completed the postcard assignment I decided to do the second easy one which was called Create your own cipher  . This assignment was to create my own cipher and have people guess the statement. I already have a lot of experience with ciphers because I took cryptology as my freshman seminar . In this class we basically learned how to break and make different types of ciphers so this assignment was easy to me. However I found a faster way to do it from the site http://stevenhansen.info/cipher/ which allowed me to type what I wanted to encrypt and then I had to change the alphabet to a different letter to create my secret code. This assignment was faster than I anticipated so I believe the correct rating of 2 and half stars was accurate. I would recommend this to anybody I come across because it is a great experience to do and it is fun to create a secret code that only you or someone knows. So in closing Guess the Statement! :

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