Agent Zero

Agent Zero or The Marksmen

Date of Birth: June 14 1990

Place of Birth: U.S.A

Marital Status : Married ( Unknown to the world )

Occupation: Teacher

Physical Appearance: Black hair, dark eyes ( dark brown )

Personal motto: “Waiting. Like it or not, it’s a skill all spies have to master eventually.”

Alex Burns grew up in a nice family ignoring all the dangers of the world. Until she came home one day to discover her parents’ death. She noticed her parents’ murderer was still in the house and decided to seek revenge for her parents by throwing a knife at his head. That was her first kill that terrible day. Her parents had always told her that she had excellent aim. The agent she killed was a member of the CID or Central Intelligence Department, and was sent to kill her parents. The Head boss of the CID, Jeremy Totem, saw potential in Alex and forced her to become a secret spy. By arriving at the CID, Alex came to discover that her parents, two different enemies, had fallen in love and had become rogue from the system. The CID had come to discover that they had a child and hired a secret agent to get rid of the rogue spies. Alex was tested in her skills and was discovered that she was an excellent shot in every weapon she had a hold of and her nickname came known as the Marksmen. However by killing her parents, Alex had a hidden hatred for the CID that was growing everyday, she wanted nothing to do with them but she had to buy her time until she could official bring them down. The CID noticed that they could not control her and had to force brainwash her to follow their rules. From her erased memories, She came up with the persona Agent Zero whom hair was black as night and personality that was as cold as her heart. Years later, Agent Zero became scary rumor. Nobody even knew if the marksmen was a girl or boy and even if they did, they were not alive along enough to tell her identity. All that was left at the scene was her calling card. The police could not track her down, it was like she was a ghost. Agent Zero had no feelings, she did not care if the mark was a child or someone who had family, that person had to die. It was not until, one of her marks, made her feel again. The man, David Anderson, had made her cold heart beat again than anybody in years had. He had made her realize that the CID had her memories erased to control her and her hatred for them came back tenfold. Now she had her memory back, she began her original plan of taking down the CID. She could not kill him so she told the CID that she had killed him when she did not. David Anderson had become her husband. Her life became even more complicated with hiding her secret husband from her agency and pretending to still have her memories gone until she could shut down the CID for good. However there is a problem, now that she has her memories, she now feels emotion whenever she kills and it is eating her up inside but some little part in her has enjoyment in the kills and encourages her to continue killing her marks.

Her Calling Card:



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