Agent Zero’s Interview

This assignment was fun! It was fun because I could become someone else and not just anybody, this someone was a character I created. This assignment was to pick seven questions from the choose of three YouTube videos and create a mock interview that showcased answers from our characters to the questions. I was glad that the question was broad so that not only I could answer it but I could answer how my character would. I forgot how fun it was to become another character, it reminds me how it used to be when I was a kid pretending to be a superhero. I never used iMovie before so I was a little hesitate about it however once I added the questions and my answers it was easy to combine the two and ultimately create my interview. After I created my interview, iMovie made it easy to upload it to YouTube by just clicking a button on the app. Overall, I love my finished product and glad that I did so well because I have no experience in making a movie.




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  1. I liked your interview you had some great responses. Your “challenge” of having baby hands killed me. You also had a nice consistency of audio and clarity which is hard to get.

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