Audio Storytelling

I really like the “Moon Graffiti” podcast. While I was listening I could make out all the sounds that was in it. The sounds were so real that I could close my eyes and I could see the astronauts and their struggles on the moon. It is crazy how they made a separate letter in case they never came back. I like how they made a scenario where they actually did not make it back. Sounds create a background for the listeners to relate to. For example when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin finally gave up on trying to get help and they knew that there was nothing they could do was say goodbye. You could actually feel the emotion that they were feeling and I started to relate in thinking what would happen that was one of my family or me. What would I say or do? As the sound build up in the podcasts you know that something will happen either we are going to learn something big or something bad. When the sound started getting faster and louder, I came to discover that the astronauts had only two hours of air before it ran out.

Sounds help bring stories to life. Think about it.. Without sounds where would the movies or anything be? We need sounds to communicate with each other. We need sounds to make movies more real. For example, without sounds we would not feel the emotions we do when we see the Titanic. Titanic, the iconic love story, we need sounds to see what the characters actually feel. Even without looking at the scene, you can hear the sad music and cries of agony to know that something bad happen like for example when jack gave up the ledge for Rose to survive. Even after seeing it a couple of times, you still feel that pit in your stomach whenever a certain sound plays. Moreover, Sounds keeps that anticipation alive. Overall, we need sounds to help create characters, set the scene, and mostly generate emotions

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