“Big Girls Don’t Cry”

I decided to do the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/dramatic-reading-remix/. The assignment was rated 4 stars. This satisfies my 12 star requirement of audio assignments since I am over it with 14 1/2 stars. For this assignment, I was instructed to take a song and record myself doing a dramatic reading of it and put the dramatic lyrics to a different music. It took a while to choose a song that I waned to dramatically read but in the end I choose the song ” Big girl’s Don’t Cry” by Fergie and since I had to choose a different song to the lyrics I wanted a song that will compare great with my lyrics. Therefore, I went to YouTube and picked the instrumental of Selena Gomez song called Same old Love. This song was perfect and I am glad that I choose it. I used Audacity to record my voice reciting the lyrics which was easy to do however the only struggle┬á I had was when I kept messing up the lyrics so I had to start over constantly. It became frustrating to restart from the beginning when you were almost to the end. Finally I had one perfect take so I was super happy about that. After that I had Audacity merge the two songs together and it created my final product. I am happy on how it turned out considering I had a hard time at first. I have the original song and my dramatic reading of the song down below so it is compared. Enjoy!


Finish product:

original song:


New Song:


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