“Birthday Celebration”

For this week, we had to do 10 stars worth of design assignments. I choose to do the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/emotions-through-sound/ . This assignment was rated 3 ½ stars and it was to create an emotion by combining different sounds. I choose to create the emotion happy and surprise from someone having a birthday celebration. I went to http://freesound.org to search for different sounds: laughter, someone saying happy birthday, party noise, etc. I could not found someone speaking so I had to record myself saying “everybody be quiet he is here” to add to the story of a surprise birthday party. Then I combined the sounds on Audacity. I like the finish emotion and this assignment helped me become better at editing several audios together. I feel that this will help me in the future especially with our radio show collaboration coming up in a week to come!


Finish Product:

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