Captain U.N.C.L.E.

The last assignment I decided to do the assignment called Two Movies, One Line which was worth 3 and ½ stars. This assignment satisfied the 12 stars requirement of Mashup assignments. This assignment was to pick one line from two movies and combine them into one line. The hardest part was picking two movies especially picking a line that would correspond with the other. It took a long time because I had to search the different video scenes on YouTube and watch them to find the line that I liked.  Once I found the two lines: one from The Man from U.N.C.L.E and another from Captain America Civil War, I converted both YouTube videos to mp4 so that it be easy to edit and combine them. However, since I do not have an apple computer I could not use it this time so I had to download one that worked. I used the app called Easy Movie Maker to edit the videos which I was surprised on how easy it was to use. All I had to do was trim the videos down to only view the lines that I wanted. Once I combined the two lines, I uploaded it to YouTube. Overall, I like the idea of mixing lines from different movies and I like it so much that I would recommend this assignment to anybody!



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