“Crime Scene?”

For this design assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-crime-scene/, it was rated 4 stars. It was to create a crime scene using a scene that you personally know. After several clicks through the assignment bank I came across this gem.  I always thought the process behind searching the crime scene was interesting so I thought it would be fun to create one of my own.  I choose the area around the science building at school for my crime scene. When I uploaded it to Paint the picture became blurry so I tried to fix it back but could not so I had no choose to leave it like that. I then searched google for cops, cop car, detectives, etc. to seem like the crime was real. This assignment was easy but it took a long time to individually crop out all the images to paste on the picture on Paint. I decided that this assignment was awesome for incorporating my character so I made it seem like my character caused the crime scene but the only thing left was her famous card. I came to like my results and I hope others like it too.


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