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For this week, I had to watch Vonnegut on the shape of stories and apply one of his methods on one the writing stories in the writing assignment bank. Vonnegut basically explains that stories have shapes which can be drawn. Meaning that a story’s main character has ups and downs that can be graphed to reveal the story’s shape. There are different ideas that can shape stories: Man in the hole, Boy meets Girl, From bad to worse, Which way is up?, Creation Story, Old Testament, New Testament, and Cinderella. For this assignment I decided to do my own creation ” The every day Life of a spy” which was to create a short narrative of a spy’s life as a journal entry. And I decided to do a combination by using one of Vonnegut’s methods. I choose to do Boy meets Girl, which means that the main character comes across something wonderful, gets it, loses it, and then gets it back forever.

It was kinda hard to figure out a narrative as journal entry but once I started typing the entry become much easier and I found myself finishing it quick:

January 30 2017

” I think he wants me allow him to join in my secret life to help me . Everyday he is staring at me like I will blurt out all my secrets. You are probably wondering who I am talking about. In fact it is my husband. We argue, him asking why can he learn more about my double life and I telling him it is nothing to worry about. You are probably wondering why can I not tell him if he already knows I am a spy but you guys do not know that these very secrets could get him killed. All I am trying to do is keep him safe and out of the CIA’s radar. When we first meet, he did not understand why we could not meet in public for dinner dates and always had to go to his place never mine. Soon he started asking questions and we would argue and eventually he had left. It was a terrible few months we were apart and it even hindered my ability to be a spy. it turned out, we were both miserable and eventually came back to each other. We finally came to an agreement that I would tell him my big secret and He will not ask anymore questions. So I told him that I was a Spy. Now that we are husband and wife, it is getting harder and harder to hold secrets from him. And it is getting harder to hold secrets of him from others. I will fight whoever becomes between him and I. Hopefully it does not come down to it. But for now we will take every day at a time together.”

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