Throughout the week, I was task to take pictures of objects for the Design Blitz that showcased several design concepts. While I was reading about the different concepts it helped me see the world in a different way. Ordinary objects around my house became an art of design with several colors, patterns, etc. The first concept that I discovered was that of the KFC Icon sign. The icon sign shows the concept of minimalism & use of space. I found the concept by driving to school one day. The KFC icon is a perfect example for this because the sign did not need a title for people to guess what it is.


The next picture I took used the concept of Color. While I was walking through campus to get to my car I just happen to look down at the ground and found the “BE 90’S” written in chalk. I thought this would be great for color because it was written in colorful chalk to showcase the emotion happiness. When I saw this, it brought back great memories so the colors were a great choice to write the word in.


While I was at home I saw several things that depicted the design concept so I had to choose one. I choose to take a picture of my book bag that showed the Proportion concept. The symbols on the book bag showed the proportion because the objects were increasing in size within each other. You can compare the symbols on their size.


The last picture I took for the DesignBlitz was the Typography concept. I was driving to school and I stopped at a red light and I decided to take a picture of the sign. This sign showed Typography because it showcased lettering that was different. I could of took any picture of lettering but I thought this would be great because it was cool with the last letters being unique.


I had fun looking for different design concepts that I never knew was in my everyday life. I am happy with my picture chooses. It is cool that I learn more things in ds106!

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