“Ds106 Newspaper”

For this week, we had to do 10 stars worth of design assignments. I have a total of 8 stars so I choose the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/newspaper-design/ to satisfy the requirement for the week since it was rated 4 stars. This assignment was to design a newspaper and add a story to it whether it was real or made up. Since I had one out of two character incorporation I decided to combine my character with this assignment also. Furthermore since I had already made a crime scene I decided to use that for the story of the newspaper. I used PowerPoint to create the newspaper and pasted the picture. Then I created the story around the crime scene like any other ordinary newspaper would. The newspaper story I made was about someone discovering the dead body that Agent Zero killed so the newspaper tells a more background about persona. I had fun creating the newspaper and once again adding more foundation to my character. I believe doing these makes my character come alive so I am excited to make more in the future.

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  1. I like the way you remixed the Crime Scene image and incorporated your character. By reusing and building on previous work, you can take creativity to another level. I also like the idea of a ds106 newspaper, and I’m thinking about how to build on that.

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