The Directorate’s Spy

Throughout the week, Callie and I had a busy schedule so it was hard to schedule a time where we could meet up to finish planning the project and then record the mission. However, we found time to meet up on the google docs to think about our other platforms we would use in the video. We decided to use the following three: video, design, and audio. It was fun when we were planning because we use each other minds to come up with several ideas that would be awesome! We ended up staying up late to finish the script for the video. We both split up the work to do on Thursday so that way the only thing we needed to do was record the audio. We thought it would be cool to include other characters from other classmates in the process so My character’s scenes have received multiple clues from other agents throughout the video where they try to tell me who the mole is. Callie shot many scenes throughout the campus that was incorporated into the video and without it, our story would have not made sense. After Callie and I each did our parts, we agreed to meet up Friday to record our parts which we did. We felt like our video was missing something so I came up with the idea of chasing Callie’s agent to add to the running audio Callie made. The running audio was awesome since that was Callie running up the stairs and not a sound we got from freesound. Overall, I was surprise on how easy it was planning and creating the mission especially with a great partner as Callie! We worked great together a third time and final time so I am sad to see the ds106 community leaving. In closing I hope you guys like the finish product as much as Callie and I had fun in making it. We worked hard and I hope you can see it. And by the end of the mission video, you will learn who the mole finally is. Thank goodness, we caught the mole before they revealed any more. Enjoy!

P.S. The videos are split into separate videos but are in order from the first video and audio to the last.

agent name tag


clue 3



Callie’s Awesome editing skills:


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