” I wish, I wish I had this.. “

My second assignment I picked was from the web assignments category¬† titled “Create Your Own Room”. ” Create Your Own Room ” assignment was to create a blog post about my dream room by using the pictures of furniture , colors, rooms, etc. from the site Pinterest. This assignment is my absolute fave and who wouldn’t agree. You get to design your own dream Room, everybody has one and do not say you don’t.

My dream home is anything that came out of a fairy tale and every time I go into my house, I am in disbelief that this is my own home and not a model home from a magazine. However I want my home to be cozy for family and guest to be able to relax from any hardships. I had no problems picking out the pictures from Pinterest so here are my results for my ideal dream home:


I just had to put this. When I was very little I always said I wanted to live in a castle and even though I grown up, some part of me didn’t and that little kid still wants a “castle”.

I love reading books so I also need space to just be able to put my books instead of stacking them on top of each other like I do now.


This right here is on my top dream list. I have to have a big closet because I love clothes, shoes etc. so I need a bigger area to put my all my stuff.


This shows a swing I would want in my backyard for when in the summertime, My friends and I can just go outside at night and look the endless stars.

Of course I had to have a kitchen or I can not survive. I absolutely love food. I found myself in the kitchen cooking up my next meal of the day.


When there is a kitchen, there is a pantry. You cannot have one without the other. Food needs to be store and I mean a lot of food..

A nice open bedroom is all I need to sleep because a girl needs her beauty sleep. and I love to sleep. Who doesn’t?


I need a spacious living room to fit all my family and I love to have space where everybody is together but still room where everybody has their own space.


Lastly, you need a place other than the bedroom to relax and the Theater room will do just that by allowing me to watch movies and hang out with family and friends.


As an active Pinterest fan, I found that I spend my time scrolling the pictures and dreaming of my future home. This assignment was easy for me since I basically dream about what I can make that can come to life in the distant future. It was hard to pick out the pictures since all of them I want in my house. I found it funny because all my life I dream of the house I wanted, telling my family I going to have this when I grew up or that. However when I tried today to think of the possibilities, I came up blank and could not think of anything but once I narrowed it down to the necessities I want to see in my dream home it became clearer. Although the assignment was ranked 4 stars , I would rank it myself 2 since it took some times getting the pictures but other than that It was a fun assignment to do.



“A girl can dream ”





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