“I’m a Real Boy”

Continuing on to the second assignment for the Writing Week and I have a total of 5 stars out of the required 8 stars of writing category assignment bank. I choose to do the writing assignment called “I’m a real boy”. “I am a real boy” tasked you to write about your life if you could be anybody else in the world. I decided to relate this assignment to the secret agent theme of the class by wishing my life could be Nancy Drew’s life. For those who don’t know, Nancy Drew is a 16 year old detective who goes around from letter request asking for help and takes on this persona to try to crack different mysteries that has been happening around town. I always loved Nancy drew so this is a perfect assignment to do.

I wish I could be Nancy Drew. She is just awesome. With her knowledge. I wish I had her knowledge to be able to crack any mystery that comes my way. With her bravery to get out of situations that can lead to her death. She is not afraid of anything even when she is trapped and she has to disarm bombs or the people of the town and herself would die. I wish I had her patients. Patients to not get angry when people question her ability to crack a mystery because she is too young and a girl. And ultimately I wish I was Nancy drew because she is able to go all over the world: Paris, Japan, etc. to discover the reason behind the disturbances. Even though being a detective is a tough job, being able to go to the beautiful places makes up for it in the end.



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