“In the eyes of Agent Zero”

Continuing on to the second assignment for the Visual Week and I have a total of 6 and 1/2 stars out of the required 6 stars of the visual category assignment bank. I choose to do the visual assignment called ” Can You see what I see” . “Can You see what I see” was rated 3 and 1/2 stars and it tasked you to find or take a picture of an eye and put another image in the eye to look like a reflection of what the person is seeing . I decided to relate this assignment to my secret agent character called Agent Zero or her regular name Alex Burns. To put an image into her eye was relatively easy than I originally thought so I went to google and picked a random person’s eye that would be her eye.  Next I choose a picture of a gun pointing at her in her reflection. To do that, I went to Canva and pasted the picture of the eye and the gun. I turned down the transparency of the gun picture to make a reflection. This scene reflecting in her eye depicted the scene of her parent’s murder. But more specifically the scene when the agent had the gun pointing at her and she had a split decision of what she had to do. As a result, it had her killing him and becoming an agent.


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