Hey ds106!

My name is Amari and I’m a Freshman at UMW. I may seem shy at first however once you get to know me that isn’t the case at all.

My Interest:

I really did not have a twitter account before having to make one for this class but it seems I got the hang of it.




I love kpop music and I can found myself listening to it whenever I go. I would like for you guys to share the experience with me by showing you guys my favorite band BigBang!


I have an enjoyable time hanging out with my friends whenever I have free time from school. This is a picture I took  of a Ferris wheel at King’s Dominion when I went there with my friend. Another is just me on the swing with ice cream just hanging out.

Ferris Wheel

This is basically my theme song, Without even knowing it, I can even hear myself singing and even dancing to the song in my head.


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