“James Bond”

For my last assignment I choose from the animated G.I.F. category and furthermore picked to do the first thing I saw when I clicked the category. The result was the assignment called “Subtitle GIF” which basically wanted me to create a GIF and add subtitles by adding subtitles in either from the original lines or make your own. I decided to incorporate the secret agent theme for my GIF. I already had background with making GIF because my friend and I used to start a GIF war and send each other silly ones.

So I went to YouTube  and copied the url from the  a James Bond Movie ” 007 Spectre” trailer  went to the GIF site that I always use “Giphy”.


Giphy is relatively easy because all you had to do is copy the URL and move the cursor to the scene you wanted to repeat and add subtitles and you would have made a GIF! I choose a random scene by just moving until I got a scene where I can add subtitles I wanted. I don’t know what the women said originally so I made my own subtitles and it actually looked like that would be the line she said in the movie.

And I finally made my GIF.  I would probably will make more GIFS in the future since it is so much fun to create and I cannot find myself to stop.


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