Love at First Shot

The love at first shot assignment instructed me to find or take a pic of a couple in love and use the picture to tell a story. While I was looking for a picture, it is crazy how many of couples in love showed up so I picked a random picture of a couple in front of a sunset. This was actually really fun especially creating a background in which I am sure that was not why the picture was formed. At first I had no idea of what direction I was going with the story but as soon as I stared at the picture the story came to me and I started typing. Not long after I had my story of ” Love at first Shot”:

The story had started with a tragic start. This tragic beginning was that the couple was both in an accident, the girl had come out of it unharmed. However the boy had not. The doctors had said to the girl that it was an unlikely chance that the boy would wake up from the coma. Months had past, the girl continues to cry everyday over him. Her parents noticed that it was not healthy for her to be sad everyday and told her that it was time to say goodbye to him. In turn the girl agreed and went to say goodbye to him at the hospital one last time:

girl: ” Hi Daniel, I know I come here everyday to get you to wake up and to no avail you have not so it has been months and I am here for the last time to say fight, fight please.”

boy: “…”

girl: ” Please wake up”

the girl had given hope and eventually left but if she had she stayed a little longer she would have noticed the boy wake up by hearing her voice speaking her name as the first words that came out of his mouth.

boy: ” …. Hailey..”

The girl still in grieve went to the couple’s favorite space, the beach, to say her finally goodbyes so she can move on to her life. While staring out into the ocean, there was a man in the distance walking slowly to her with the help of his nurses trying to call her name. The girl was done saying her goodbyes and turned to leave still not hearing the boy. The boy finally close screamed her name. The girl, not believing, hears it and turns around. She sees him and breaks down in tears and runs to him. They met up and embrace and kissed.

girl: ” Daniel is this you?”

boy: ” yes and I promise to never leave you again”




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