“My own Mixtape”

My first assignment of audio week, I decided to do the first thing that popped up which was the assignment called ” Make Your Own Mixtape”. The assignment was rated three stars and it instructed to make my own mixtape out of anything I wanted. I am going to be honest and say that I have no experience in making mixtapes. However I have enough knowledge to search on the internet of a site that will make one for you. I found the site http://www.dragontape.com/#/home, which allowed you to copy the URL of any YouTube video and crop it to the section you want the mixtape to be. I had no trouble in finding the songs so i finish the cropping and editing quick but there was no option to put the creation on Soundcloud so I taped it with my phone.

At first I tried to just post it by loading it from my phone but the forma of the video was not allowed so then I had to convert the video to mp3 using the site: http://www.dragontape.com/#/home  which was really easy to do.

After I converted the video I could finally load to Soundcloud! I am happy with my results that I am thinking of making another mixtape to enjoy when I am at home.


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