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While reading ” Becoming a better photographer”, I found myself reflecting on a lot of things. As a kid to now, a college student, I always hated to be in pictures. Every time I even think or see a camera I cringe of the thought of being in the picture. Even now I am not used to being on a picture, it just does not come naturally to me to be in front of a camera. And when I say camera I mean a camera from my phone not an actually camera. My family and friends have to persuade me to take a picture with them and even then I hate it but some part of me does like having pictures of me but I would not admit it out loud. However it is the opposite when I have my phone, I love taking pictures of other people in the moment I want to cherish forever. Sometimes I found myself scrolling though my pictures and reminiscing of the day I took the picture. I come to found myself laughing at the memories, sad at others ( pictures of my dog that died), happy ( pictures of my new dog and family and friends having fun). I do not call myself a professional photograph at any means because I do have some blurry pictures here and there. I sometimes wish that I could create an awesome picture I see in magazines or on the internet. So by reading the articles, it gave me a source of confidence to do better pictures. For example by changing the perspective of the angle, it will create a cool picture that I never thought of to do before. Lighting is key! I heard millions of people say that and now seeing the tactics, I come to see that they are right. Lighting will help clear the picture and give the person in the picture more dimension. Overall the different tactics that the article states gave excellent advice that I will use not only in ds106 but in the real world whenever I have the chance.

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  1. I loved this post and how honest you were. While reading it, I realized I do a lot of the same things as you and I definitely do not like being in front of any camera or having my picture taken!

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