Radio Bumper

The Radio Bumper assignment was to create a radio bumper for the ds106 radio station. This assignment was rated 4 stars which I believe should really be 5 stars. Before I started the assignment I did not know what a Radio Bumper was so I had to search the internet for some example videos. Once I somewhat of a idea, I went to YouTube and  and found some sample sounds that would sound cool on the radio. Once I picked the the track I went and pasted it to Audacity to begin my editing. It took no problem to edit it all together and save. After I did all that I was done. Wrong! When I was editing I wanted the music plying the whole time when I went to say ” Ds106 radio” but I had no idea how to do that so I had another track below the original with the music playing along with it. So I saved it and tried to post it to Soundcloud. However after an hour Soundcloud was still processing the video so I was confused on what I did wrong. I went back to Audacity to figure it out and I came to discover that I had to merge the two tracks together instead of having two separate ones. I had Audacity merge the tracks and it created one single track and once I did that I uploaded to Soundcloud. This time it was uploaded as soon I clicked the button to save it. I have know idea if I did the radio Bumper right but I like the how it turned out. I am both excited and embarrassed to hear my bumper on the ds106 radio.

Radio Bumper:

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