Radio Promo

One of the requirements for this week alongside the 10-star required assignment was to create a poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. to promote our radio show. The group decided on the name “Agents on Air”. I decided to make a logo since one of my group mates already made a poster for our show. Furthermore, she had made an excellent poster that showed great minimalist design work so I decided to create a logo to correspond with the poster to make all the promo in sync. I went to my go to site “Canva”. I always use this site whenever my class gives me design project because it has a lot of options to choose from and plus it is pretty! Then I went to Google and search for a plane and radio waves that would be combined. All I had to do was pick a logo template and create our radio show logo. I really love how the logo turned out and I hope that this will be useful for anybody in the ds106 community to have an idea on what our show is about.




I also created another Radio Bumper but instead this time it is more general for our radio show than the ds106 radio. Now that I have experience, I believe that this bumper was much better than my first one. My first radio bumper was not used for the ds106 radio so I am excited to hear the bumper I created for our radio show. Stay Tuned!







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