“Radio Show Ideas”

  • The first and my favorite radio show idea I would suggest would be to tell past or recent mystery stories just like “Lime town” mystery but adding a twist to the show. For example, tell three brief stories of mysteries that nobody could crack but one of the stories have to be real however the listeners do not know which story is real so they have to tweet which one it is. The radio hosts will not reveal the real story until the beginning of the next radio show.


  • Another would be a celebrity gossip channel but instead the celebrities would be the secret agent characters. We would follow up on what all the secret agents are doing in their lives and tell the audience in the show.


  • A last idea for a radio show would be a guess that movie or song or both. The radio hosts would choose a secret agent themed movie or song and have people tweet their guesses on what it is. For example have a brief description of the movie or have the audio (instrumental) of the songs playing on the radio. People would tweet their answers and also the radio hosts could say what their thoughts on the movie or song (like a movie critic..)


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