Radio Show Progress pt. 1

The whole point of this week was all about Radio creation. The main task was to get into a group so we could start to brainstorm. I did not want to be put into a group that had ideas that did not have any similar ideas. I am a very shy person so to talk to someone into joining their group was a struggle to me. I noticed that we could promote on twitter that I was looking for a group and I was going to do that before I saw an ad. This ad created by Callie :










This ad was perfect! I was glad that I did not have to look far in joining a group. I really loved her creativity in creating this ad, not only had she had her ideas showing, this ideas were close to mine! By her creating this ad, this told me that she would have great design expertise and allow other ideas to flow in also. I decided to join her group by messaging her and from there we created a google document so we could put our ideas there:




After a day, we had no other members so we decided to announce on twitter that we were looking for other members and we were open to many ideas! It turned out to be a great idea since Heather joined our group! Heather brought more great ideas! After that Katelynn joined the team! And finally we had our dream team!

Once our group was official, we decided to brainstorm our ideas, and we came up with incorporating our characters as well as other ones by making a secret agent mission. I really enjoy the work ethic from this group, we already assign what we need to get done, and our assigned job to do it by creating more commercials, bumpers, etc. I am glad that I am working with this group and I am excited for more collaborating in creating this radio show. Although we have a lot to do with recording the show, editing the audio, etc. I know that our group will pull through and get it done. We will meet up and come up with a strategy so stay tuned for pt. 2!

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