Radio Show Progress pt. 2

Continuing on the radio week! Unlike last week where we decided on the content of the show, we created the radio show itself! My group tried to meet up to make the audio sound the same however due to different schedule we could not meet. Furthermore, we generated a script for our show and had to record it at our own time. I was able to meet up with Callie at the vocal booth and we both were able to record our parts. Although the audio was not completely the same due to the members recording in different setting, when the audio was combined it sounded like we were on the phone. This scenario was perfect for our story since our characters were supposed to be on a mission. After we recorded our parts, all we needed to do was combine them and add the bumpers, commercial that we helped to create. Heather and I created some bumpers. Katey and Callie created commercial for the show. Heather combined all the audio together and Callie added the radio bumpers and commercials. I listened to the final radio show to make sure there were no mistakes or anything missing. Overall, I really enjoyed being in a group with these great people! We were able to work together without any step back and also do the required job given to each of us on time without procrastinating. I sad to see our group go because I meet new friends. I really love how our radio show came out and I hope the rest of the ds106 community does too! Stay tuned!

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