“Radio Tweet Along 2”

February 14

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and we know that Valentine’s day is all about happiness and love. However the Lime town mysteries is anything but that. It is more dark and creepy. I almost forgot about the radio show until I looked at the time. Thankfully I tuned in time before the radio started. The podcasts left off where we stop but this time Lia Haddock is met the second survivor of Lime town. While I was listening it is crazy on how the sounds feel like they are so real especially the dog sounds ( the whimpering and panting). You can tell that the creators put a lot of time to pick the certain sounds to each scene. Although we did have a little technical difficulty, it didn’t matter because I thought the random podcasts added to the mystery.

Being a detective seems really hard especially keeping your family safe, running away from danger, and listening to a wide range of stories.  As the story progress we start to get a real feel on what is really happening in Lime town. For example, the vet of Lime Town could hear an animal’s mind and the man that everybody is talking about can speak to people through their minds. However, but the main character cannot seem to get it but it is odd that her mom does also. I just want to know why they need her to tell their story and why they cannot tell all of it. It must be pretty big and serious that everybody knows or has a feeling and is scared to tell. Continuing on from last night, I also tweeted my response and actually replied to other people which I believe brings the ds106 community a little bit closer. I am excited to see more adventures of Lia Haddock uncovering the mystery, like seriously I want her to figure out what they are trying to tell her so I can know what is going on. On to Tonight!




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