Radio Tweet Along 3

February 15

Continuing on to the third radio show. The Lime Town continues its mystery but this time we can finally get some answers. Lia Haddock is interviewing another survivor. It is crazy how the world is still trying to find answers on the missing people but it seems there is a lot of survivors. As the story progress, you can hear certain sounds like birds chirping, the echo of the house to indicate that the characters were inside. I can honestly relate to the main character because she does not want people to die but she also has to recover the truth. I can see the dilemma she has every time I hear the quiver of her voice. The character is slowly losing it and I feel that the people who are hunting her down want that to happen. On another note, we had more people listening in so it was fun to view their response to the story. I was also left on a cliffhanger that had my mouth open. The man who everybody was there for was her uncle and it turns out that she was involved when she discover the pin. Did she get her mind erased? Maybe I will find out in Tonight’s Radio.. Hopefully no more cliffhangers, I need to learn the truth.

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