“Radio Tweet Along”

February 13

At first I had know clue on what to expect with the radio. I thought we were just going to be listening to a secret agent but as soon as I tuned in I realized I was totally wrong. I was taking aback on how real it was. I will be honest and say that I searched up about Lifetime to see if it was real or not. The music and the sounds added to the mystery of the story, my dog even scared me one time. That is how much I was into the dialogue. The sounds  made me feel that I was actually there living it through the detective.

I admire her bravery especially when the man at the ending was banging his head on her hotel door, warning her to stop her findings. I would stop but having an inkling I know she wouldn’t stop until she founds what happened to the disappearing to all those people in that town. Her voice and actions reminds me of Nancy drew so that is a plus in my books. I really like the tweet along because I could tweet my response and see that other people are thinking the same thing.¬† It is also fun to read their reactions to the story. Now on to Tonight’s show!


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