While looking through the required to do for the week,¬† I came upon the last task which was ” Building Your Participation ” or specifically spending on my blog. I find this interesting that this would be a more advanced form of participation because I never even thought of doing it this way. Responding on my blog means that I found something from the other ds106 students that inspired me to write this blog post. Daily I look through the ds106 website and browse through all the different post my fellow ds106 had made and I always found One particular blogger interesting. I come to enjoy her writing style and she made it seem like a personal story to the extent I found myself waiting for next post. She posted¬† a recent post where she created a quiz from a requirement for one of the assignment bank categories. She posted all her struggles on making the quiz so it inspired me to do the quiz she worked so hard on.

Her blog: http://ds106.mariaingea.com/assignment-bank/what-movie-spy-are-you/


My result from her quiz “What Movie Spy are You?’ on buzzfeed:

It turns out that I am Jimmy Tong, even though I never heard of him, his story would be life, a ordinary person becoming a secret agent!



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