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I remember when I was a kid I used to watch spy kids all the time. Spy kids is where two kids, brother and sister, learn that their parents were spies after the parents were kidnapped. The story follows Carmen and Juni who decide to become spies themselves to rescue their family from the evil Mr. Minion who wants to take over the world by building robot children. These robot children have incredible strength and if they have been released it would have destroyed the world. Carmen and Juni eventually were able to save their parents and become the first of the spy kids department. Next I watched the first episode of the first season of the show called Alias. Alias stars Jennifer Gardner as Sydney Bristow. Sydney Bristow is an English Literature student who just got engaged to her boyfriend. However, she is actually an undercover spy under a department called SD-6. She believes that the SD-6 is part of the CIA which she learns later from her father who is also a SD-6 agent that it was not. Sydney eventually comes around to tell her fiance of her secret life but has to go on a mission before they talk could talk it out. While she is on the mission, her fiance leaves her a message on the phone saying that he believes that she is a spy and he would keep it a secret. However, SD-6 was listening onto the message and sent an agent to kill him. The episode ends with Sydney discovering her fiance’s dead body and her beginning to distrust the agency. When I compare these two secret agent theme genre, I come to discover similarities. In every secret agent theme TV or movie, there has to be some “forced” into the business for family. For example, Carmen and Juni had to become spies to save their family and Sydney Bristow had become a spy because her family was one. Another would be the cool gadgets that everybody is jealous of. Every secret agent theme media has to have different “alias” that will keep the identity from the real world. For example, Juni and Carmen had to disguise themselves to hide from the thumbs and Sydney Bristow in every mission has to put on a wig and persona. There has to be sort of villain that the spy has to defeat to save the world from destruction. Without the spies it seems that the world would not exist if they were there to stop the evil guy. Every spy has to be brave and be quick on their feet in any situations. In spy kids, it was this one particular scene where Carmen was reading the book of beginner spies and came across ‘to be a spy, one needs to not be afraid’, and she turns to Juni and said ” Sorry Juni, you cannot be a spy”. Across the spy genre, it always seems that the spy is always scared at first but as the progress through the movie they learn to “grow up” and finally found their voice in the action just as Juni went from a crying boy to a fighting action kid spy. And just as Sydney Bristow went from a naive college student to one who has knowledge to know good from evil. Overall, the secret agent media world is connected in that you will see similar ideas incorporated with new ones to follow the times. I do not mind the reusing of ideas because I would watch Spy kids again and maybe watch the seasons of Alias.






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  1. Being a spy definitely has drawbacks huh. High risk, but you get cool gadgets. I guess that’s why these protagonists are forced into the roles…

    Or maybe that just make for a more compelling story?

  2. I loved that you used Spy kids, because it brings back a lot of memories. I liked the themes that you brought up, and it’s interesting to think about the kids not having a choice in their profession. It’s kind of messed up when you think about it.

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