“Slow or 800% Slower?”

When life gives you lemons, you try to make a song 800% slower. Make it 800% Slower instructed me to choose a song and try to make that song 800% slower. The assignment was rated 4 stars which I think was pretty accurate.  First I went to YouTube and choose the song ” Touch” by Little mix. I listen to this song like everyday so I decided why not make it slower. I copied the URL of the YouTube video and convert it to mp3 form. I transferred the mp3 to Audacity and following the instruction on the assignment I tried to change the tempo of the song. However Audacity keep on not responding and after so many tries I gave up. So I decided to search the internet for an easier program that will slow my song and as a result I found the site:


This allowed me to slow down the song to 800% so all I had to do was paste the mp3 to the program and move the cursor to 800% and after a few minutes the program made the song much slower. After that I saved the new 800% song and loaded it to Soundcloud. It is crazy how the results sound like a new song all together moving away from the original song so I am going to put the original song below for comparison.

original song:



800% slower:

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