“Still Shots of Photography”

After reading the article: Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story? , the assignment was to look for examples stated in the article ( selection, contrast, perspective, depth,balance, moment, lighting , foreground/background) through still photography so decided to watch the movie Kingsman: Secret Service. I found some pictures that I hope will define some of them. :

This photography gives an excellent example of balance with showing him and the suits in the background. This depicts that they not only want him in the center but also the view that his eye is looking at. The lighting is also showed here with the suits versus the dark in the rest of the picture.


This pictures shows foreground/background. They have him off to the side very close to the camera but the real object of the attention is to the background with all the fighting happening. It also shows moment, although there is a fight going on in the back but when you look at him it seems that everything is in slow motion.


This still photograph shows depth and contrast. The rest of the background is blurred except the main focus, him. His form is clearer than the rest of the photograph. It is not all the way blurred that you can not make out what the scene meaning that it is important but not as important as he is. That is the reason he has more of a contrast in the photograph.


This still of photography uses perfect lighting. The lighting is focused on the main person so the viewers do not get confused on who the “perspective” is in the scene with many people.

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