The Final Mission

Throughout the weeks prior, we been tasked to think of ideas of a mission that would be made during the final weeks. Now the final week has come and we been given four mission that we could choose from. The final mission includes using three media forms from the list that we been using throughout ds106: visual, design, audio, video, web, and remixing and mashing. I noticed that we could enlist other people to create the project so I decided to contact Callie, who I worked with for the other projects, to come together one last time to make one awesome final mission. We came together on Google docs and planned several ideas that will not be revealed now. We both agreed to not reveal our idea on the show to build on the anticipation and if we did reveal it then there would be no reason to watch it. However, the only thing I could really tell is that our agents, Agent Fawn and Zero will collaborate in solving the reason behind the Directorate and the mole who been telling all Ds106 secrets (Mission 3). We planned the story for our video and some others but we had not got the full project yet. The only thing I will show the ds106 community would be a preview video. It is up to you fellow agents to figure it out! Stay Tuned!



This week I also contributed in Twitter ds106 polls where other classmates made polls about other secret agent. I also had my share of polls of my own on Wednesday with another set of secret agents. It was fun making questions and random funny answers to them. I enjoyed seeing other people having fun also by seeing them answer my poll. I’m glad that I did a poll for the first time and I will probably make another poll!


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