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For my first assignment I decided to randomly pick a category and my result was the Design assignment category. I decided to try something easy for my first try and choose to do “Destination Post Card”. The assignment was to create¬† a destination postcard using any design software of my choice .¬† When I was little, My friend who I was really close to moved away and the only way we could communicate was to write each other through post cards. However that was a long time ago and I did not have any clue to write or even make one from scratch! Thank goodness all I had to do was put a picture and add a quote like any other regular post card we see at grocery stores or the airport.

Since the assignment stated that we could use any design software, I decided to use the website ” Canva” since I was familiar to it and had no problems with it. Plus all the formats for postcards are pretty!


I had no problem choosing a format for my post card and soon I was putting the picture of South Korea and the quote that would be on the card. Unfortunately Canva decided to not work meaning the text box would not move no matter how much I tried so I had to start over even though I was almost finish:



But that mishap did not stop me so I hurried up and finished the Post Card and I am really satisfied with the result. If I saw this post card in the store, I would stop and buy it. I would have gave this assignment 1 star since it was pretty easy that you could finish in a few minutes if you didn’t have the problem I had. I will recommend this to anyone who come across this.

Finish Product:

Enjoy and always ” Live, Love, Kpop”








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