When I first browsed the Vignelli Cannon, I was a little skeptical by the way the text was small. It looked boring to me and it remind me of any text in a book that the teachers make you read. However, I was proved wrong once I started reading the text. I overlooked the small text because it was interesting especially the way he put pictures on the side as a reference to what he was teaching. Since I am a visual learner the pictures help me throughout the week whenever I did the assignment. It helps bring my creativity to the table. What he taught was what was most interesting from Design is one, where design can be applied to many different subjects to timelessness, where the types of lettering does not follow any trends and that it is it’s one thing. I really enjoyed this reading, it taught me many things that I never knew that it was true. What I could critique would be that the text should be a little big larger but this is me just nitpicking. Overall a great read!

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