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I always participate in a polls on other sites but I never really made one before let alone one that was on Twitter. I was surprised how easy it was. I had several days beforehand to participate in other classmates’ polls before I did mine on Wednesday. I noticed that not a lot of people did most of their agents on Twitter and when they did I noticed that some did not research the characters. It was fun in clicking the answers for the poll and when the poll was over I found myself going back to view the end results. When it was my turn on Wednesday, I wanted every agent on my day to have a poll. It took a while in figuring out the questions and answers plus it was hard choosing ones that was within the word limit. Once I figured it out, it became easy. I did have a little glitch at first since it wouldn’t show my answers when I posted it. Furthermore, I had to delete it and write the post again and thank goodness it worked this time. I was happy that the other ds106 community contributed into answering my poll and hopefully the other agents I did my poll on was excited and happy to see their characters. Overall, we all did a great job in generating awesome questions and answers and ultimately helping out fellow classmates in clicking one of the choices. And as the saying goes: “Teamwork makes a Dream work”!

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