Weekly Summary # 12

The week has finally come to an end! Furthermore, this week was all about mashups and remixes.  I commented throughout the week on various post. This week I had to do 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. I always avoided the mashup bank in fear that it would be hard but I was surprised when I started to finish the assignments with ease and surprisingly like doing them.

The first assignment I did was http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/photo-mash/ which was to  take two actors from different movies and mash them together into one photo. I choose to combine Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye for the Photo Mash. I thought they would combine perfectly since they both have a bow and arrow. I was glad how right I was since it turned out great.


The second Assignment I did was http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/this-doesnt-belong-here/. This assignment was to mash-up two different iconic movie scenes by adding something like for example a movie prop to another movie scene. I choose two of my favorite movies to use. The first assignment and this one seemed similar so it was easy to expand on actually movie scenes than characters. I liked this assignment because it allowed me to expand on my editing skills which I would need for the final project.



I liked this assignment, I decided to help future ds106 community to make their own mash-up by make a Tutorial. I am surprised how I been writing tutorials in my write-ups without even noticing so all I had to do was create a write-up Tutorial.



The last assignment I did was http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/two-movies-one-line/ which was to pick one line from two movies and combine them into one line. I was glad that I had experience in editing videos from the previous week so when I did this assignment it was a piece of cake. I liked this assignment also because it was easy and fun to do!



I did two remixes on assignments for the first time:

This assignment was to create your name in a cool way but the new twist was to create your name in a different language. I was disappointed that I could not use Korean for my new name. However I was able to use Greek which is the second language I am interested in so it is a bonus. I like anything that I can design so I enjoyed making finish product.


Furthermore, I remixed an assignment I already did before. This assignment was to create a dream room but the new version was flip the emotion. I decided to elicit the emotion of sadness for this assignment so I searched Pinterest for several pictures.


I did two daily creates:



Overall, This week was super fun. Now on to the big project! Stay Tuned!


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