Weekly Summary # 2

Th second week is almost over which is crazy since it still feels like I was just starting to create my blog and had no clue what to do. Now the second week I have a better understanding on how Digital Storytelling works and I am begging to begin my brand to be “discovered”. The week began when I received an email that not included the assignments for week but also an extra assignment that would be due Wednesday instead of our original day on Friday at Midnight. The assignment separated the ds106 students into different categories: writing, photo, audio, design, web, and video. I and a few students were put together in the writing category. As the first half of the assignment, We were to help with the direction (plot) of which the class would go so I suggested the movie ” The Kingsman: The Secret Service” which is a great movie that would represent our secret agent theme. The last part of the assignment, I had to create an assignment that would be under the writing category. I browsed through the old assignments from the assignment bank and found a diary based assignment so I recreated it but made it into my version Titled ” The Everyday Life of a Spy”


Next I began to do the tasks for the week. First was to read a post about how to better write your posts. This posts was actually helpful and I learned to better write my title for my blog. I actually had fun writing my blog and formatting it into a story where the readers could actually understand it. This week for the very first time, I had to do a minimum of three daily creates on the daily create twitter page. My first post was on Sunday, Jan 22 which prompted to create a creative design of a question mark.

I first was not going to do this but I changed my mind after viewing all the other submissions. I decided to do a night sky theme by taking a picture of a night sky and made it look  the “stars” formed into a question mark and it actually turned out pretty cool.


My second daily create was on tuesday, Jan 24 and was to create a storyboard/collage from a you tube video of our choice by using bookmarklet. I never heard of bookmarklet so I was a little skeptical on how it would turned out. When I went to the site, I was confused on how to put bookmarklet on bookmarks so I could create the storyboard. I figured out all I had to do was drag the link to the bookmark and it would be created. Next I went to YouTube and picked random music video I saw on the homepage however that video did not work so I had to go with another music video. Thank goodness it worked this time and created my own personal storyboard.



My third and last daily create was Wednesday, Jan 25. The Daily create was to stack random books on each other so the titles are combined and use that to make a plot. I did not have any books that would of been awesome for example children so I just used three books from my book collection and created a story title.

From there I created a short one sentence plot that made up on the spot and posted the daily create to my twitter page.


This week, we also had to to expand our participation with our fellow ds106 classmates by Twitter, Commenting, and to take it further, write a post about someone’s blog that inspired me. Twitter came easy because I was already communicated with my fellow classmates on there and I even downloaded a plugin that would post to twitter every time I would submit my blogs.








I commented on different posts that I came across. Here is an example that I commented on someone’s blog:

Posting about a another person’s blog:

I never realized that you can expand your participation by posting a blog about an inspiration that I had from reading other people’s blogs. I love to scroll through different people’s post on the ds106 website and read the different post. I found one particular blog site really interesting and entertaining that I found myself writing a blog post about it.



Then I had to customized my blog by changing the theme, adding a about me page, changing the title, etc. This was relatively fast because I already had most of these already done from the first week and all I had to do was add plugins and the about me page and the task was done. The About me page took some thinking because it was hard to think about stuff about me that would describe who I am as a person but after I just talked from the heart, it was not all that bad. The plugins, Jetpack and Aksmet help moderate my blog site with random spam comments, viruses, etc. which really did help because I started to get those random comments like everyday.


Lastly, I had to do three different assignments from the assignment bank in three different categories. I wanted to start out easy so I choose the assignment ” Destination post card’ which wanted me to create a postcard and add title like a real post card would be like:



My second assignment came from the web assignment category titled ” Create your own room” which was my top my favorite assignment of all. As the title suggests I had to create my dream room by making a blog post and pasting pictures from Pinterest and tell why I choose those pictures from my dream home. I found myself lost in imagination in looking through all the pictures before I caught myself and finished the task:



My last and third assignment was to create a GIF and add subtitles in either from the original subtitles or your own and I decided to write my own. This assignment came from the animated GIF category and was titled “Subtitle GIF”. I decided to incorporate the secret agent theme since we had to make one out of the three to be this theme. The GIF was easy and I enjoyed making the GIF and would do it again.


Ultimately This week helped me come out of my shell because a week ago I would of not be able to participate and furthermore help to finalize what Digital Storytelling is really about with generating a blog, twitter, etc.

As Week two ends, I am excited and ready for Week 3!

Enjoy and as always Live, Love , Kpop

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