Weekly Summary # 3

Week three is done! I feel like these few weeks are going pretty fast. However this week was different meaning it was all about writing! When I found out it was writing week I was excited and not at the same time, excited because I had input in this week for assignments by suggesting the movie: ” Kingsmen: Secret Service”. It made me happy that other people were happy that they could watched their favorite movie. I also was not excited because I had to do something that I had to write and I dread anything to do with writing something. However once I started doing the assignments it did not seem like those long page essays I write in school.

I first watched Vonnegut on Shaping stories on YouTube who taught the art of methods that could shape a story. I used one of the method from his teachings in one of the writing assignments that I also had made.


Then I compared the genre of secret agent by watching both Spy kids and The TV show “Alias”. I was most happy to be able to watch my all time favorite movie when I was a kid. I finally could have an excuse to watch a movie I actually like for a class assignment¬† I never really heard of the show Alias but when I looked through the whole list of spy themed shows, this show seemed to pop out to me. I’m glad I picked it because it really good and it had me on my edge of my seat.


After watching the movie , I started to do the writing assignment from the assignment bank. This week I had to do a minimum of 8 stars. I decided to do the first thing I saw and it was the ” How does a song make you feel” which was worth two stars. How does a song make you feel instructed me to pick a song from either YouTube or soundcloud, that elicits an emotion from me. I choose the song ” last dance’ which is also from my favorite band. That song had made me sad due to the fact that one of the members, my favorite I might add, is going to the military so I decided to make a post for them.

The next assignment I did was called “I’m a real boy”, worth a total of three stars. In I’m a real boy, I had to pick a person I wanted to be and write a blog posts about it. I decided to choose Nancy Drew as my person to following the theme of the class. I always loved playing her games when I was a kid so to be able to write a post about wanting to be her, it was awesome. This became my favorite assignment so far!


For my last assignment, which total my requirement of eight stars by its worth of three stars, I choose the assignment next to the last one. This assignment was called a “haiku about a haiku”. A haiku about a haiku instructed me to create a haiku that was basically about a haiku. I hated this one because I had not made a haiku in a long time and it was a struggle to get the lines to equal 5, 7, 5.


After completing the assignments, I had to create my own secret agent character. This became fun to create a background of my character, especially making her calling card. Her name is Alex Burns, who after her parents were murdered was forced to become a secret agent by the very man who killed her parents. The Boss, noticed that he could not control her so he had her brainwashed into a killing machine naming her agent zero or by the people the marksmen. By her being brainwashed, she had no emotion so she would kill anybody without any remorse. After every kill she would leave her calling card at the scene so the people would know who did it although they never knew her identity.  She did not noticed that she was brainwashed until after a man, her husband to be made her feel again. This made her backtrack to her original goal by taking down the organization, while fighting the feelings of Agent Zero. Hopefully people will found out if she will finally destroy the agency or continue being their puppet.


I follow the direction of leaving comments on different posts that I read and liked. I also liked other people’s tweets for their daily creates.. Here are examples for when I commented on someone’s blog:

Finally, More daily Creates! Once again I did three daily creates. The first of the three I did was the Mystery Van. For this daily create was to paste yourself in the Scooby Doo van. So I went through my pictures and Decided to paste my dog and I. This daily was relatively easy and I finished this one fast.


The next daily create I did was to post your secret creative tool and what did you used that secret tool for. I choose color pens since I am obsess with color pens and would use it with almost anything especially my notes.


The last daily create was the by far the hardest one I did. This daily create was to put a pink hat of the person of my choose. I thought when I picked Snoopy and coped him to put in paint to put the pink hat on him and I would be done. However that was not the case, as soon as i tried to put the pink hat on him, it would cover him up. It got to the point where I was about to quit and just wait for the next daily create the next day. At that time, I could finally fix the hat to be proportionate to his body and I was done!



Although I first dreaded this writing week, I learned to come to love it and by the end I am wishing we were not done! Now that I have an idea what we are going to do for the next few weeks, I am going to wait for the surprise on which topic would be the next week. I’m excited to see what other people suggested for their week. On to Week 4!

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