Weekly Summary # 4

Week 4 has come to an end! Just like last week, this week was totally different meaning that is was all about Photography. I come to like this week because it was faster than the writing week and the assignment were fun to do. I am surprised that I came to like this week so much since I absolutely hate being in photographs and have no real experience of taking them. Nonetheless I learned how to become a better photographer by reading the articles “becoming a better photographer” and “Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story?” and wrote about it in a blog posts:


Furthermore I used the article Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story? to find examples in the real world. Since we had to relate to the theme of the class I decided to go back to the Writing Week and watched the Movie: Kingsman: the Secret Service. I used the movie to find points of what the article discussed and wrote a blog posts about it.


I first did the 1st required visual assignment called “Love at first Shot”. The assignment tasked me to pick a photo of a couple in love and create a story about them. I thought it would be hard to create a story just by viewing picture. It turns out that I have a good imagination because I as soon as I started, I was finishing the story.


Another one was to pick an assignment out of the three available so I decided to pick the one called “Who Said What” which was to pick a photo of secret agent and then choose a quote of a different agent but pick another agent to have said that quote. This assignment was pretty quick and the only mishap I had been that the text box would not let me put text in the box so it took a few tries before I could finally get it right.


After doing the two assignments , I started to do the visual assignment from the assignment bank. This week I had to do a minimum of 6 stars.I first did the assignment called “That’s not what I expected” with a total of three stars. The assignment asked you to take a close up of a picture so people can guess what it was. And since it is the end of the week I will reveal what the hidden object is.


Next I decided to do an assignment called “Can You see what I see”. This assignment had 3 and 1/2 stars bringing it over my required limit.This week I had to relate my character to one of the assignment and this one seemed like a perfect one to combine my character’s story with. “Can You see what I see” was to create an image that would be reflecting in an eye so I decided to put Agent’s Zero’s eyes of the day of her parent’s murder.


Now on to Daily creates!

Three daily creates:

The first of the three I did was the creation of a picture that would show the kinder side of the internet. For this daily create I choose a random picture of fingers and drew people like they were hugging which shows a happy internet to me. I really enjoyed this one!


The second daily create was to combine animals to create an animal that could be real. I really did not have any ability to combine any animals so I went to the site “SwitchZoo” which allowed you to create a new animal so I played around with it and eventually created my animal : dog,zebra, cheetah mix.


The last daily create was to make a picture that imitates a famous painting . I choose the painting called ” the girl with the pearl earrings” and I am glad that I choose her because my dog was perfect for the role.The hardest part was trying to get my dog to face in a certain direction. It took several tries of calling his name before he got to the angle that I needed to put into the painting. after that all I needed to do was to crop him out and merge him with the painting.



After I did the daily creates,I had to do the 20 minute Photoblitz and I had to admit I dreaded doing this at first. However once I saw my challenge it was easy to do. I had pictures in my mind that I would of been running across campus to take all the pictures in 20 minutes but it was not the case at all. Instead I could take the pictures in one building without moving from my spot. I would do the challenge again!



Lastly I started browsing through the different blog posts and started leaving quotes to the posts that I liked.

The one where her friend allowed her to use her as a secret agent which I thought was so cool!


Two blog posts about a cute dog!




Overall, I really love this week of Photography. I have to admit I did start the week really late due to exams and other assignments but I am glad that it was pretty quick and easy to do. It was exciting to have other people comment on my blog and I responding to them. Commenting does help in bringing the ds106 community together and I am excited for more comments. Now on to Week 5! Let’s Go Audio Week!





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