Weekly Summary # 5

This week for ds106 was all about audio. I was a little skeptical about doing anything audio related because to be honest I hate recording anything that I am in. However, as the week progress I started to come to like these assignments that I had to do. I listen the podcast called “Moon Graffiti” as my first assignment. The podcast told of the what if story describing the results of what happened if the astronauts who first walked the moon did not come back. It was interesting to hear all the sounds that made the situation even more real especially the way astronauts talk through their suits. It was easy to sympathy with these astronauts because it could be anybody that was stranded on the moon. I wrote more on my thoughts in the blog:



I then started to comment on several blog posts that cam across on ( some examples here..) :





 Throughout this week (Monday-Thursday), I listen to the Lime town podcasts and tweet my response along while listening. I found myself an active fan of this story. This story brought sounds that I never knew would help. The sounds help create the image that I never knew that by just listening. I believe that twitting my response and seeing other responses help bring our class together and I never wanted it to end! :
Then I download the program “Audacity” that helps with editing audio. I never heard about Audacity before this week so I had no idea how to even edit let alone use a program to edit. After several tries I finally figured out on how to use it on my assignments. So I got started on the required assignments.
This week we had to do a total of 12 stars. The first assignment I did was to create a mixtape. I enjoyed this one the most because I could create a mixtape for class and listen to it often for my personal enjoyment.
  Next I did the assignment called ” Favorite song”. This assignment was to pick a song but also taking the lyrics out and record 30 seconds of the revised song. I choose a song that was both easy and may be hard for some to figure out. I had no idea how to use Audacity so I recorded few seconds of the song with my phone and uploaded on SoundCloud.
Then I did the rated 4 assignment called Make it 800% slower which I had to choose a song and try to make that song 800% slower. However at this time I had no idea how to use Audacity and it would not help that it would not work for me so I decided to search the internet for a better program to use and I found a perfect one where it could make the song 800% slower.
 Then I did the assignment called Sound Effects Story which I had to create audio story using only just sounds. I decided to combine my character with this one by creating the story of one of her missions to kill her target. However, it turned out the man had a little fight in him so it made the mission difficult but nothing is easy for secret agent so she could kill her mark. I took the sounds from https://www.freesound.org/ and use Audacity to combine all of them together. I really enjoyed this one because this was the breakthrough with the program where I finally knew what I was doing so I played around with it:
Lastly, I did the assignment called Dramatic Reading which was to pick a song and do a dramatic reading of the song but add another song alongside the dramatic reading. I used Audacity to record readings which took a long time because I kept on messing up on the lyrics so I had to start over. I did not realize until I was done that I could have delete the section that I messed up on and record it again. Then I merge the two sounds together to create one audio. As a result I am happy with the results:

To add to the audio week, I had to create a radio bumper. I had a hard time figuring what a radio bumper was because when I listen to the radio I do not really listen to the bumper so I was confused.  Once I figured it out I could create my bumper by cutting music and adding it to my voice recording. This was made possible by using the program Audacity:

Next I came up with ideas that would serve as a theme for a radio show. I really like the idea of posting about my thoughts so this came easy to me:

This week I had to continue to do three daily creates:
This daily create was to take a picture of you making a choice. I had a perfect dilemma of what pens to choose for my notes so I took a picture of the pen chooses.
Valentine’s Day daily create! But instead of the love, this daily create was to pick a picture card and make it seem like the person was saying those things. I had fun creating this one. It was funny that my saying ended up looking like she would actually say those things from her facial expressions.
This daily create was to take a picture that you think looks good upside down. For this daily create I was finished in two seconds because while I was walking to class, I took a picture of the building that I knew would look cool upside down.
Overall I like the audio week, I learned several things that had help me succeed in accomplishing these tasks. I enjoyed creating audio for several things. I especially enjoyed listening to radio ds106! I am ready for week 6.
Until next time!


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