Weekly Summary # 6

This week for ds106 was all about Design. This week was fun because I could finally put my creativity to the test. I always enjoyed the concept of design even though the only thing I could draw is stick figures. Nonetheless I am more of the brains in any design operations so I was able to use that for the week.  I also commented on people’s blog that I came across so it was fun to see other design other than my own. I started the week by doing the 3 daily creates. It was really cool how the daily creates corresponding to our design week.




Next I did the DesignBlitz assignment which was to take photos that depicted four out of ten design concepts. Throughout the week, I noticed that every item that I came across had one of the design concepts so it was easy to take photos of them. From there I narrowed it down to four concepts: Proportion, Minimalism & use of space, Color, and Typography. This helped me view the world in a new light especially that of an artist. I really enjoyed this assignment and would do it again in a heartbeat.




Then I decided to read the book called “The Vignelli Canon” by Massimo Vignelli. It was very easy read than I thought especially with the pictures to prove his point. I enjoyed the way he introduced the several ideas, it brought something new than any other college book. I liked the concept that design is one because I think it is true. Everybody views the world differently and that person may see a design in a way that another person may not so I liked how he talked about that point. This book helped me design several assignments this week so I’m grateful that I could read it.



To add to the design week, I had to choose one out of three assignments to complete. I choose to do the “create your own cipher “which create my own cipher and have people guess the statement. This assignment was an easy task to do because I already had an idea on how to make ciphers due to Cryptology being my Freshman seminar class. I decided to use a different program this time to generate my cipher so all I had to do is put my sentence in there and change the letters and it created my cipher text.



This week we had to do a total of 10 stars worth of assignments. The first assignment I did was called Minimalist movie or Tv poster. I choose to create a poster of the Beauty and the beast. I am obsessed with this movie and I was excited to incorporate it for my class. I searched the internet and found claws and a rose to represent the movie.



The next assignment I did was called “Crime Scene” it was to create a crime scene using a scene that you personally know. I decided to incorporate my secret agent character by creating a a crime scene that my character had done by killing someone. It was interesting to create a crime scene that I always see on tv so it was fun to create a story around it.



The last assignment I completed was called Newspaper design. This assignment was to design a newspaper and add a story to it whether it was real or made up. Since I had to do two assignments with my character, I decided to use this one for it. Furthermore, I used the crime scene that I previously made from another assignment and used it in my newspaper like it was real news reporting on the murder. It was fun to add more to my story. Overall, I love how the newspaper turned out especially with my character.



Overall, I enjoyed the design week. This week helped me expand on my creativity. I always appreciate the art that everybody creates regardless that it is different from everyone else. This week assignments was relatively easy and I am glad that I was able to pace myself with the work and studying for other exams. I am excitied for week 7!

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