Weekly Summary # 7

Week 7 was hectic! This week was midterm week and I had several exams to do and by the time the week was over I felt so out of the loop. This week was bad week to be out of the loop since it was all about creating the designs of our radio show. I was scared in getting into a group but it turns out that I did not need to be afraid at all since I joined a great group that had excellent ideas and allowed room for more. Thank god I was able to stay in touch via the word document otherwise I would have not known what was happening with it. I am glad that I was able to contribute to the show and I am looking forward to the finish product.



Although I was a little late, I made sure to comment on other ds106 students’ blogs:






3 daily creates:



Next, we had to create a promo for our show . I decided to create a logo to correspond with our title “Agents on Air”. I come to enjoy the name and I loved Callie’s design of it that I decided to incorporate into a logo to be uniform throughout.



This week we had to do a total of 10 stars worth of assignments. The first assignment I did was called “Emotions Through Sound” which was to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. I like this assignment the most out of all three since it allowed me to create emotion and a story about a surprise birthday party. Who does not love birthday parties! This audio turned out pretty well and it gave me experience in editing for future projects ( our radio show..).



The next assignment I did was called ” Music Mash”, rated 4 stars. This assignment was to take two or more songs that are similar and mash them together into a conversation. This was really fun to do and I repeated this audio several times and I can just close my eyes and imagine this story coming to life. The emotions in both songs feel so real that I had to combine it and create a story of lovers who are tired of being a secret so they run away to be together.



The last assignment I completed was “Good Morning Message for The Village”and it was to generate a cheerful good morning message to the “Village” or more specifically for your community . I decided to change the assignment by instead creating an opening for our radio show. I had no idea what to do so I just created an template to add to it later when I meet up with the other members. I like what I created and I am glad that I was able to use my creativity in this assignment and I know I would use it for our radio show.



Due to a swamp week, I was able to finish the assignments for this week. Overall, This week was went pretty fast and I love working with other people and listening to their ideas, it helps to improve my skills. I am looking forward to collaborate with my group to create a awesome radio show. On to Spring Break and Week 8!




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