Weekly Summary # 8

I am sad to say that Radio week is over! I was able to comment on other classmates’ posts and see their progress of the week whether it was a struggle or a success. I had two weeks to create a radio show and it feels like the week where I was listening to LimeTown commenting on my experience and now I am in the shoes of those creators by creating my show while waiting for my fellow classmates’ response. I joined with other classmates and I am glad that I had such a great group with great work ethic! This week we created the script and recorded our show, adding the radio bumpers, and commercials to finally create our secret agent radio show. I wrote all about my progress in the post:



Our Finish Radio Show:



Instead of three daily creates that we usually do, it was change to two daily creates:



Overall, I enjoyed this week the most! I am excitied to hear our radio show on the ds106 radio as well as other shows. I want to be able to hear other people’s hard work because it would be awesome and I will be posting my response in every step of the way! This week ends as Week 9 begins! Stay Tuned fellow ds106 community!


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