Weekly Summary # 1

So the week is almost done! I started the class late so when I finally got into the class, I was overwhelmed with all the required things to do: creating a domain, accounts, etc.  and this being my first online class I didn’t know what to expect. However as soon as I started the assignment I began to breeze through it and the Boot Camp activities had became fun!

To summarize the first week , I had to create a UMW Domain. I never had the opportunity to create one. It took a while because it was hard to figure out a name for my domain that I will like to have for the entire course. After I discovered my name ” kpopien.org “, the process became much better.

I then started to create all the required accounts that will be used for the semester and after that I had to embed all the videos and pics which turned out simple than it looked. I only had a YouTube account due to being basically my second home where I listen to music all the time:

SoundCloud came easy for me since it is basically picking music that I enjoy so it made me excited to post my interest for others.:


I published my first ever tweet that I never knew that I could do:




I had a hard time figuring out which pictures I would want to post to show the class on Flicker since I never really posted pics except on Instagram. In the end I decided on posting a picture of me and a pic that I took when I was at King’s Dominion:

Ferris Wheel

Next I read ” 10 ways to share your Creativity and get Discovered”, I was surprised on how accurate the author was in giving advice that I myself didn’t know I needed. I was able to share my experience on my favorite advice and why I picked it and how this will help with the class which will very will help. By doing all of the stuff above , I then I had to post my answer through a blog called WordPress which is weird since I never heard of it before however it became a enjoyable task to do.

Lastly, I wrote my feelings on the theme ” secret agent” which I absolutely love the idea and looking forward to the weeks to come and on this last note I concluded my first week of ds106. Now on to the Second Week!

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